Thursday, November 30, 2023

Extinction on Earth

Ahoy Earthlings!

We stand on the doorstep of December. It's been weirdly cold and dry here south of Seattle. And weirdly high in AQI (which means bad air quality) according to the purple sensor Batgirl gave me as a gift the holiday before this one. I'm sure it's all fine (/sarcasm). And reminds me that last night we finished watching a show on Netflix called Life on Earth.

Life on Earth is an interesting name for the show because a title that would more accurately reflect the content would be "Extinction on Earth." The show steps us through Earth's various epochs and how most life in each subsequent period was almost entirely wiped out. This has happened five times! I knew that, but the documentary "David Attenborough" style (voiced by Morgan Freeman) really brought it, you know... to life.

But you know what? Batgirl and I agreed that watching this repeated cycle of mass extinctions followed by life returning was weirdly calming. It made us less worried about humans "destroying the planet." I mean, yeah, humans could kill themselves off, but not all life. And there's some peace to be had in that. Right?

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