Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm a Delegate for Obama

I went to my precinct's caucus today. I explained to my precinct the theory behind my vote for Obama (that being, let's not give the other side a candidate they prefer to fight). Our precinct only sent 5 delegates up to the next level; 1 went for Clinton, 1 uncommitted, and 3 for Obama. Somehow, probably because sometimes I like to talk too much, I was nominated to be one of the 3 delegates for Obama. So, come April 5th, I move up another level. I'm very excited.

The precinct meeting in the same room as ours sent 7 for Obama and 3 for Clinton.

According to the few people who were at the Democratic caucus last time, the number of people who showed up for this one was about ten times as 4 years ago! Amazing.

One of the organizers said something I thought was very interesting. He noted how many people think that a lot of politics takes place in back rooms filled with insiders. He said to be one of those 'insiders' all you have to do is show up! I guess we'll find out how true that is.
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