Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dolores Meis, Scrabble Champion

Our family played a lot of games when I was a kid. I was middlin' at most, with a pretty good win-loss record on Monopoly, Life, Chess, Checkers, or what have you. However, the one game I failed to ever win a single game at was Scrabble. My mom consistently beat everyone.

Well, this failure to ever win a single game of Scrabble has stuck with me through the years. Imagine my chagrin when I discovered my wife Dee was also quick with the words and that she also beat me year in and year out.

We continued to play the occasional game though. She enjoyed it at least ;-). Then one day this year, seemingly out of the blue, I finally beat my wife in Scrabble. (angelic trumpets sound)

The first thought through my head: If I can beat Dee, I bet I can finally beat Mom, too! Practice makes perfect, right?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to challenge my mom to a game of Scrabble. My mom's mom, Grandma Meis, also sat down to play.

Little did I know that my mom's Scrabble ability was learned at feet of a true master. My grandmother roundly whomped us, twice in a row just to prove luck played no part.

In fact, during one round, I foolishly indicated that I had the perfect play in mind... instead of taking that play away from me she let me have it (a grandmother likes to dote on her grandchildren): C R A Z Y in a triple word and double letter path that netted me 66 points. I figured I had that game sewn up.

But nope. Despite spotting me my grand play, Dolores surged forward and still handily beat me and everyone else at the table, Mom, too.

I have a feeling this is one champion I'll never unseat.

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Anonymous said...

I'm researching the Meis family and came across Dolores Meis.

Is this the daughter of Frank and Adeline Meis who lived in Elgin, NE and Stratton,CO?

If so, email me