Friday, August 22, 2008

Wish Upon A Star

My latest Dragon magazine article, Wish Upon A Star, is available here online. For at least the rest of this month and possibly most or all of next, Dragon (and Dungeon) magazine content remains free (after that, $4.95 a month for both mags bundled with a subset of other online tools). 

2020 Edit: Yeah, the link above is looooong dead. But the article, featuring the Star Packt for 4E D&D warlocks, is available here: 

 If you play a warlock in your Dungeons & Dragons game, I think you'll want to check this out!


Anonymous said...

Wow, excellent article. Very, very insipiring and imaginative. I'm sold on DDI. Keep writing good stuff.

Bruce Cordell said...

Thanks Elsen. I quite enjoyed writing it, but writing it was also enlightened self-interest. I play a tiefling warlock with the star pact in Chris Perkins' D&D game AND I am writing a warlock character in a novel who may be switching to the star pact (against his will) very soon . . .