Thursday, August 28, 2008

Book Signing at PAX

I'll be at PAX, the Penny Arcane Expo, in Bellevue, WA this Saturday from 3-4 PM in the Wizards Booth (#1132). I'll be signing copies of Stardeep (#3 in the Dungeons quadrilogy). Of course, if you bring some other novel or D&D product, I'll sign that too. I'm there to sign, and by God I mean to sign something! ;-)

With me in the booth will be fellow authors Erik Scott De Bie (Depths of Madness, Dungeons #1) and Rosemary Jones (Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, Dungeons #4). We're missing only Howling Delve (Dungeons #2) author Jaleigh Johnson.

Come by and say hello if you're in the area!


Jeff_Grubb said...

Bruce - What day will you be signing? See you there - Jeff Grubb

Bruce Cordell said...

D'oh! Fixed, thanks Jeff. Saturday from 3-4. Yep, see you on site!