Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I'm Not in An Irish Bar in Burien

Tonight's the primary. I was looking forward to meeting local Dems at an Irish bar in Burien (including at least one of the candidates for state representative). However, fate conspired against me, in the form of our two foster kittens and their fun new developments.

Not only do the kittens have a penchant for chewing through power cords, they also apparently have a lingering upper respiratory issue that came to light today. While certainly not life-threatening, the combination of discovering the wire-chewing (well, that could have ended one of them right there) and the recurrence of the upper respiratory this afternoon requires the kittens be moved once more to a safer room. Poor little guys.

And, no meeting of the local candidates as I'd been looking forward to. Ah well, c'est la vie.

How am I getting online? Well, turns out not all my neighbors have secured their wireless connections. But, it's touch and go... a little more go than can actually be depended on, I'm afraid.


James Martin said...

Hope everything's fine with the kittens and here's hoping the current round of "Let's Fire the Guys What Made the Newest Edition" don't hit you!

Bruce Cordell said...

Thanks for the thought James :-)

Bruce Cordell said...

Thanks for the thought James :-)

Darth Auntie said...

Wire Chewing is bad, M'kay?

A cheap(ish) solution is pvc pipe. Run cord through it, and the kittens will have a much harder (though not impossible) time chewing the wires.

It has the added bonus of keeping cords untangled and tidy. (oops, I think my type A is showing).

Bruce Cordell said...

Thanks Krafty :-).

We actually moved the kittens to a different, wire-free room. Prospective adopters are coming this weekend to meet them, too. It's possible Charlie and Carson will meet their new parents if all goes well :-)