Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Elect Tina Orwall in the 33rd Legislative District

At my precinct's caucus in February this year, I learned I was in the Washington 33rd legislative district. Having come from recently not even knowing how caucuses worked, I was delighted and surprised to find myself a delegate for Barack Obama.

When I attended the next gathering of delegates, I found there were many, many people like me who were energized and excited to be part of the process. When I got up to make the case why I should be passed on as a delegate to the national convention, I was one among nearly 200 people with the same idea, all hoping to fill about twenty seats. As you've probably just guessed, I didn't wow anyone with my effort.

Anyhow, during this meeting, I was introduced to several people, including the chair of the 33rd legislative district, Tina Orwall. Ms Orwall conducted the gathering of hundreds with aplomb and grace. She also indicated she would be seeking the State House of Representatives seat being vacated by incumbent Representative Shay Schual-Berke, and what's more, she had Schual-Berke's endorsement.

Since then, Ms. Orwall has gained the endorsement of several other groups, among them the Washington Conservation Voters, who gave Orwall their sole endorsement. That means a lot to me, as conservation of ecosystem is one of my top issues. In the end, as my Voter's Guide pamphlet reveals, Tina Orwall gained the party nod (in our wacky new "Top Two" system) for the primary.

I'm not certain how many of you who read this are in the 33rd legislative district (I guess very few), or heck, even in Washington. Your choice for state legislator is likely to be someone different than Orwall. Regardless--please remember to vote on August 19th (or sooner, if you vote by mail as I do). It's all very well and good to get some fresh blood into the White House (go Barack!), but it means nothing if we don't pay attention to our local political scene, too.

If you're feeling especially motivated, you can do as I have done and donate to your legislative candidate noted in the Voter's Guide. These folks aren't the recipient of vast sums of cash, so every little bit helps, especially if several people donate (Quick Link: Donate to Orwall's campaign here.)

And... go Tina!

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