Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What To Expect From The Invisible Sun Kickstarter

As I write this, it's day 2 of the Silver Sun. Tomorrow, a new sun will rise, marking day 3 of a 34-day Kickstarter for Invisible Sun.

The Invisible Sun crowdfunding campaign is written in the voice of characters who live in the world of the game, those who know our "real" world as a lie; as shadows designed to obscure and confuse.

Writing in voice is great for immersion. But in-character text doesn't directly address gameplay. Which is why there will be updates that aren't written in-character that talk about creating player characters, game mechanics, and so on.

As a for-instance, check out the 2nd update that describes 3 modes of game play for Invisible Sun, or modes, depending on the situation. Each has its use to address certain types of narrative in the game, and each solves certain types of issues that can arise.

Other updates will continue to be in the voices of characters from within the Invisible Sun universe, like those we heard revealed along the Path Of Suns.

Or in other words: More—much more—will be revealed as we walk the Path of Suns to its end, then turn about and retrace our route along the Nightside. Watch, read, and learn, if you care to, about what it means to summon the infamous Black Cube from the void.

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