Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Apple-lanche in Stardeep

In the novel Stardeep, a chase scene through a market bazaar disturbs a stacked display of red fruit. One might think the result would be an avalanche of apples. But, thanks to the quick wit of my sister-in-law Wendy Wilcoxon*, the result is actually described as noted below.

From the pages of Stardeep:
"Behind Raidon, a call went up. Chun’s voice, bleary but loud, followed. “You’re dead! Dead! You’ve crossed the Nine Golden Swords, whelp! You can’t hide from us! Nowhere in Thesk is safe for you!” The man’s half-hysterical threat faded behind Raidon as he ran. But Chun's words rang with truth. The yakuza made examples of those who crossed them. Raidon was a marked man.

Raidon Kane dashed through the market throng, swatting a fat man from his path. The man fell, his arms windmilling, into a fruit seller’s cart. One hand knocked out the bottom row of a perfectly stacked display of red fruit, causing an apple-lanche."

*Wendy is still on the lam owing to her involvement in the legendary Apple-lanche Incident of 1995.

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