Monday, December 10, 2007

Oprah Backs Obama

Oprah Winfrey has long backed Mr. Obama, and she recently appeared with Obama at a rally promoting him for president.

I've previously indicated my initial fervor over Obama has faded somewhat. Since then, it strikes me as strange that Obama has become so careful in his language that he never ends up saying much of anything (other than his desire to cut NASA funding). I think what's really moved me out of his camp, however, is my realization that if Ms. Clinton gets the nod, she'll have years more contacts and experience than Obama can hope to bring to the table. I mean, her First Man will be a former sitting president whose time in office was the last generally positive period of our nation's history.

Anyhow, I don't fault Winfrey for backing Obama. Oprah certainly backs a whole slew of other worthy and laudable causes, so many it makes my head spin. However, sometimes she trots out psychics, ghost hunters, and mediums as if these shysters were legitimate instead of grief-predators the evidence indicates. Not that I liken Obama in any way to a medium! Nope, far from it, if he gets the nod, I'll support him. All I'm saying is, like any human being, Oprah is not above making less-than-ideal choices.

P.S. Of course, if Clinton is elected and she turns out to be a corporate-controlled drone, or Obama gets elected and becomes a man led by reason and compassion, then I'll eat these words. Or, you know, admit I was wrong.

P.P.S. Grief predator. I've just coined the term! Do you like it? Oh, nope. I'm wrong. A search reveals at least one other person has used the term, describing 'psychic detectives.' Ah well.


Nikchick said...

The Clintons have so much baggage, and Hillary in particular draws such amazing vitriol from some people, I just can't bring myself to be excited or even happy about a potential Clinton v2 presidency. I also cringe a bit at the "two for one" idea that I've heard murmured because, unlike when it was brought up by Bill Clinton in his initial run (conveying his confidence and trust in her as his equal) this time around it rubs me wrong. Too little appreciation for Hillary Rodham Clinton on her own merits, too much "and we can get Bill back!" for me to embrace. As a woman (and a woman who is part of a couple where both of us are in the same profession and whose male partner's success has rather eclipsed her own accomplishments) the whole environment surrounding Hillary Clinton puts me on edge.

I continue to be impressed by Obama. Not to say he's been perfect but he conveys a hopeful outlook and, most importantly, arrives without all the baggage. He's got different challenges to address but not starting with a deep well of outright hatred at his back gives me a lot of comfort.

Sorry for the huge comment. I guess I had a couple things to say. :)

Bruce Cordell said...


Don't be sorry! By all means! I am torn. You make good points. If it comes down to it and Obama is our man, then I'll get behind him. Get behind him, and write him and try to influence him with my own particular progressive slant, of course ;-).

Anonymous said...

The Clintons suck out the air in the room, making press coverage on other worthy causes minimal at best. Example is the mad bomber wanting to talk to Hillary in New Hampshire. Nobody else had much face time while she travelled to New England and 'console' her supporters at the office.

The best thing to do is realize that they're doing the same spin tactics now as they were when Mister Clinton was in the WH. Figure on Hillary galvanizing the other side (non-Hillary fanatics) and a monkey in a suit could ruin her four year dreams.

Obama has some interesting issues, but I just see his military POV to be a bit short sighted, as once as the coalition forces leave the middle east, terrorism can continue unchecked through other parts of the globe.

And Iraq does have some things going on if you're willing to listen to anyone other than the ordinance media.