Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Legal Rebellion

Looks like David Brin's blog is being flagged as containing 'inappropriate material' on many government computers. Why? Because he:
[...] called upon the professionals of the civil service, the intelligence services, the many agencies of law and accountability, the scientific community and the U.S. military officer corps, to remember their oaths -- to protect the people from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Apparently, that's too dangerous a message for our professional elite to hear.

However, as Brin notes, whether Democrats do anything else constructive when they win the White House in '08, the one thing they could do that would turn this country around would be to:
[...] fire 5,000 Bushite political appointees and take their boot heels off of the pros’ necks. He or she will then replace the petty hacks, to a large extent, by promoting from within the services. (While rooting out the neocon shills who “burrow in” by transferring to the Civil Service.) And that one action -- just enforcing the laws we already have -- may restore America.

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