Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gleemax Blogging and Forgotten Realms

It's been awhile, but I updated my gleemax game blog here about my progress on the new Forgotten Realms Campaign setting.

Although I didn't want it to become so, I find myself reluctant to write anything in that blog unless it bears directly on what I'm doing at Wizards. Once Gleemax leaves Alpha and becomes more wieldy, that may change.

Or, I'll keep this blog as my 'central clearing house' for all things Bruce whether gaming, writing, health, environment, or political cautionary tales, and only do game posts there. That way if you're interested in Bruce Cordell AND D&D only, you'll know that's the place to go. I don't know yet.

In any event, I'll continue to point there from here, as this entry does.

Ah what the heck, here's the whole text of the Gleemax blog post; you already had to click once to get here, and Gleemax isn't yet RSS capable:
We've been working away at the Forgotten Realms(R) Campaign for a few years now, off and on. Over the last three months especially, I personally have been doing little else. (Well, the 4E character sheet, but that's only an hour a day tops--in fact, I just did an update before the holiday break, and I'll do another when I get back.)

So, after this last bit of work, what do we have to show? We have the nearly complete first draft of a campaign setting that looks pretty sweet. As one of my co-authors Chris Sims said to me on Friday, "I can't wait for this to come out because it going to be so good." I agree. I had been thinking the same thing.

I'm really excited for the debut of the setting for many reasons. Here are just a few:

One, the art is going to be sick. As in, really good. I just finished compiling the art and map order Friday, and we’ve got some epic pieces planned.

Two, realms forgotten will be forgotten no more, and Ed Greenwood is personally behind that vision; who better? It is awesome.

Three, a lot of lesser-known and well-known regions have seen exciting updates, advancing stories to leave room for new heroes to take up sword and spell and defend the Realms and have fabulous adventures while doing so.

Four, the format for the release is going to be the most useful we've ever utilized for a campaign setting (I may be biased). The campaign book design is both approachable and bursting with directly useful information about Abeir-Toril. What’s more, you can begin running a campaign with the book about ten minutes after you pick it up. Bang, welcome to the Forgotten Realms!


Unknown said...

Bruce - My favorite area of the Realms is Rashemen. Will the Witches still be around after the Spellplague?

Bruce Cordell said...

Though i don't want to get into the habit of answering yes/no questions about the updated Realms before its release, what the heck, I'll answer this one, S: yep :-)

Unknown said...

Great thanks!! That made my day! :)

I also wanted to say thanks for all the great Psionic support you have given over the years - Psionics is my favorite and good to know it will gain support in 4E.

Have a great New Years!