Thursday, December 13, 2007

Monied Interests Vs. Humanity

Monied corporate interests are demanding their puppet politicians sabotage the EPA's authority to regulate CO2 as a pollutant. This hasn't yet happened, but some are trying to give DOT authority over fuel economy – which would also strip EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions that the Supreme Court recently declared was within the EPA's purview.
"It is a poison pill that, in the dark of night, would reverse the landmark decision by the US Supreme Court affirming EPA's power to regulate global-warming pollution," says Ms. Patton of Environmental Defense.

Read all about the unfolding battle here in this excellent Christian Science Monitor article.


Anonymous said...

Every civilization has to come to an end, maybe it is our time. Global warming may be the bullet that puts us in the same category as the Greeks, Romans, etc.

I was hoping our end would be more of a rebirth then a death and start over.

The thing that makes global warming different than any other man made problem, is once it starts we cannot stop it,

Luckily this rock we call home will still survive even if man does not.

Bruce Cordell said...

I don't like to abandon all hope, but we do have many threats to, at the very least, business as usual, including:

over-fishing, rain-forest slashing, ongoing extinctions, and toxins (like plastic!) leaching into the oceans ...

Our science-fiction future may be more like Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang than Contact, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Most of the environmental controls that are being forced on people are here in North America, and China/India won't follow because of their exploding economies.

And CO2 is something humans exhale. Not something to regulate unless you're planning on dying soon. If so, let me know, we'll get your family set with a policy to make some extra toasts from the bottle to your rapidly cooling corpse.

Bruce Cordell said...

Bruce L.,

Your comment reveals you to be another poorly-programed drone, spouting straw-man arguments that have little to do with reality. Living your life in such a haze of half-truth must be frustrating and sad, but so sad you are contemplating celebrating my and my family's death? Can you say IP Trace Bruce L.? I don't take death threats lightly.