Friday, December 28, 2007

XBOX Stream of Consciousness

My XBOX 360 displayed the three blinking red lights of doom on Dec 25th. Hardware failure.

The silver lining to this sad story of failed holiday bliss is that Microsoft has extended a 3 year warranty for all devices that exhibit this particular failure. So I'm covered. This is the second time a 360 has failed me.

I guess I'll have to do something constructive with the time I had set aside to practice my battle rifle skills in Halo 3. Like, work on a 2nd draft and exercise, maybe. I've been eating too many molasses chips and pieces of peppermint bark. I've fallen off the fitness/good-eating wagon, and now I need to climb back on. The sugar really nails me, but when I get a bite, I can't stop. I know, as soon as I finish off all the goodies in the house, I won't have anything left to tempt me . . .

Yeah, that's good thinking, Bruce! It's when I wrestle with food that I become particularly convinced that consciousness is a synthesis of personality fragments. To ourselves, it feels like we're whole people with a unified mind, but nope. We're a collection of competing ideas and needs, and getting a handle on those rooted in the deepest part of the brain is a battle that is never won.

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Unknown said...

We had one red ring of death and it was a sad occasion. Hope I don't see it again. Did buy an extra service contract, but wasn't sure if it was needed because of the microsoft extension. oh yea...that bag of m&m's always wins the battle at my house.